Welcome to the ‘Scratch Muziekdagen Leiden’, the biggest Scratch event in Europe!

Participating in the Scratch Muziekdagen Leiden means being part of a huge choir (more then 800 singers), singing with an orchestra (75 musicians) being accompanied by a professional conductor and soloists and of course feeling the ambiance of the beautiful ‘Pieterskerk’ in Leiden. But most important is having a great time, enjoying, laughing and singing with your friends, family, singing group or just your friendly neighbour of the day.

Scratch-program 2022
We are very proud to present the 2022 program. Similar to our earlier events we’ll be making three days of wonderful music.

Messiah for young singers – Friday 18 February 2022 (concert starts at 19.00 hrs)
Musical Highlights – Saturday 19 February 2022 (concert starts at 19.30 hrs)
Messiah – Händel – Sunday 20 February 2022 (concert starts at 19.30 hrs)

If you would like to join us for one or more days, you can easily sign up via this web-link. Registration opens on Monday, November 1, 2021, at exactly 0:00 hrs.

For all our events we do follow the Dutch Government Covid-19 rules to be read on this info-link.

How does a Scratch day work?
On the day of the Scratch, the doors will open at 8.45 hrs. The rehearsal starts at 9.30 hrs and ends at 17.15 hrs. During this time, we’ll rehearse every song and piece of music planned for rehearsal. Then you will get a well deserved break, and be ready for the concert in the evening where we expect a large audience.

Concert tickets – bring your fans
So, you’ve rehearsed all day and it sounds wonderful… Wouldn’t it be nice to have your friends sitting in the audience to give you a big round of applause? Then bring your friends or family to enjoy the concert in the evening. The concerts start at 19.30 hrs. Tickets can be ordered via the ticket-link.
Don’t worry, during the day there’s plenty of things for your friends and family to see and do in Leiden. This beautiful old city has a number of museums, historic buildings, nice bars, restaurants and other attractions to visit. Or just walk around the market on Saturday. We are sure they will have a good time too. And of course you can meet up with your friends and family at the lunch and dinner breaks.